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Jared's Song Elrek's Rise

640 pages20 hours


Wonderful pages filled with the music of Jareds Song each character a single instrument intertwining with the others creating a symphony in words with adventurous passages, delicate movements, funny and sometimes sad melodies, resounding battles, heart stopping moments and dramatic tragedy. Elrek's Rise the third book in the series, is an amazing original story about Jared 'a legend in his own lifetime and his son Elreks life and adventures, the characters in thebooks leap into life before your eyes and are so easy to relate to even if you have not read the first books you will soon feel that the characters are more like members of your own family and you join the story with its unexpected twists and turns taking you by surprise and immersing you in the experience.

Extract from book

Someone above laughed and said something quite disgusting, and an arrow clanged off of Elreks breastplate. Ill take that as a refusal, then. He shouted. He had his standard take his horse away after hed dismounted, and had four hundred Gold dismount, discard lances, and advance on foot with swords and shields. Elrek then approached the large gates of the castle and placed his hands against them and closed his eyes. This was Jareds trick, only sort of in reverse.

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