Cancer Caregiver Roles: What  You Need to Know

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Cancer Caregiver Roles: What You Need to Know

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If cancer has touched your family, you need this book.

The Cancer Caregiver Roles that have to be assumed are:

1) Medical Supportincluding scheduling, medication support, monitoring side effects, managing pain, maintaining medical records, and advance medical directives.

2) Insurance and Financial Managementselecting the right insurance plans, or finding resources if you have no insurance, and navigating the medical quicksand of costs so as not to drown in medical bankruptcy or lose your home.

3) Household Managementincluding nutrition management, safety, controls for infection, modesty, and physical/emotional/spiritual support.

The final chapter of the book is on Laughter because splashes of laughter are a powerful antidote to pain, stress, and conflict. Laughter strengthens the body's immune system. Laughter pushes back the cancer for a while. The Epilogue deals with end of life.

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