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Not Playing Fair ... Can Be Costly

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When everyone is expected to play fair and do so there is no problem. The problem begins with a smile and end with consequences many cannot cope with from the results of not playing fair. Not playing fair is not only unethical, immoral, and down right dirty at times, the awful thought of being cheated in some scheme or situation can bring out the most deadly thoughts if the perpetrator does not play fair.

When your ex-spouse hires someone to kill you, ask you for a swap sampling for insurance purposes, you better be alert for your life because someone is not planning on playing fair. This is just an example of not playing fair. Do you play fair all the time and not just sometimes?

What about when a business partner cheats you through faulty book transcriptions? What about your spouse cheating on you? What about you were being used? What if your ex-spouse kills the children in anger? What about you were being cheated out of $50,000 at a strip club? What about your spouse lying to you that the IRS refund check never came, but you later found out that she already spent the refund? Some of the factors and lies with opinions in Not Playing Fair Can Be Costly!

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