Isaiah's Good God

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Isaiah's Good God

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Isaiah's Good God grabs hold of the amazing understanding of God's character and His plan revealed to Isaiah. It is not a commentary or a treatise on the wonderful prophetic book. Rather it provides snapshots of God's purposes, so we can catch a glimpse of His astonishing kindness, His utter faithfulness and the awe and grandeur of our magnificent God. His justice and His grace are revealed side by side in Isaiah. We come to the conclusion that is anything but despondent: it is a glorious vision of a reigning king and a victorious church, the bride of the suffering servant and the omnipotent, merciful King. We see the one to whom the prophet of hope points and this can only inspire us to triumphantly fulfil the commission left to us, using the talents given to us, of bringing in His kingdom by preaching his gospel.
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