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Lips Are Portals, the Eyes Tell Stories: *But the Eyes Are Liars

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Lips are portals, The eyes tell stories, is the first piece of this young author's collection. He has found a way to take free verse and transform it into his own interpretation of the world and the people around him. By using emotions, and poems with romantic allusions, he has been able to take readers on his personal journey and coming of age as a writer. As well as, add new definitions to ideals like love and friendship. He challenges the notion of perception and how perception can become as vivid as a reality. The reader can relate to feelings of anxiety of an impending new beginning as in his poem Stages of our doing. The book is categorized into three different sections exploring love, personal introspection, and begins to hint at political issues such as reevaluating priorities and principles. Many have spoken on these same subjects but to see a voice in a new generation of young people is inspiring. I look forward to seeing what is next in store for this writer.

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