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The Mystery of Christ: A Radical Truth... Lived

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Two kingdoms are in conflict: the power of evil and the kingdom of God. The Lords Church has been given a message of authority and powerthe gospel of the kingdom of Godto take to the world. With this message, the church overcomes the rule of Satan and establishes the righteousness of God. She is not alone; her companion, the Holy Spirit, flows through her as a river to bring life out of death, demonstrating the gospel in power.

The river of life flows from the throne room of heaven according to Gods eternal secretthe mystery of Christ. At the counsel of the Trinity, thousands of years ago, an eternal plan was established to put forth the image and likeness of God upon the earth. The chosen vessel, mankind, would be dwelt by the resurrected Christ, the Son of the living God, thereby manifesting the glory of God before the whole earth. His reign in heaven is now manifested on earth through his body, the Church. For this reason, you have been redeemed that God may live in you.

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