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The Kings of Monte Cristi

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Roberto Castaneda, the dashing commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Dominican Republic, has freed his beloved country from the ravages of the Civil War and settled down with his beautiful bride, Shane. Unfortunately, Shane is adored not only by Roberto, but also by an unlikely admirer with the potential to destroy them all.

Unaware that danger lurks in the shadows, Roberto and Shane live seemingly ordinary lives in a large villa in Monte Cristi, where they have raised their three children, twins Frederik and Enrique and their younger sister, Camille. Housed behind their villa is the headquarters of the world-famous group of specially trained bodyguards called Da Elegidos, the brainchild of Ramon Rubenstein, the eccentric family bodyguard who has been with the Castanedas for over twenty-five years and who is now husband to their daughter, Camille. But when Sierra Castille, an extremely dangerous she-devil, moves in next door to the Castenedas, no one has any idea of the power behind her poisonous tentacles.

In this continuing tale of life, unconditional love, tragedy, and death, the one forever tortured by forbidden love for the woman he cannot have is about to make a move that will change everything.

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