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A Journey to Remember: Moon's Light Cove Series (Book 6)

218 pages5 hours


As we join our Moons Light Cove family again, many of them are preparing for a long planned for and prayed for journey. They travel west to reunite with greatly missed loved ones and to be present for the addition of a new and precious life.

The journey is long and hard but the welcome that awaits them is worth it. A beautiful new life is celebrated and young love blooms, leaving Jewel wondering if she will one day lose part of her family to the call of the west. New friends are made and a long prayed for death bed promise is finally fulfilled.

In the beauty and splendor of the west our Moons Light Cove family is truly shown no matter how far from home you may travel God is always with you. Through moments of fear and sadness and times of joy and blessings God is right beside Jewel and the McClure clan leading them and protecting them.

Join Jewel and her family as they embark on the greatest journey of their lives. Witness how God can change minds and hearts, and bless people beyond their dreams. With God guiding their way this will truly be a journey to remember.

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