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Some People Suck

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Some People Suck is a scathingly funny and wickedly humorous satire. This non-fictional novel breaks down the different types of assholes and bitches that are in our social circles. Each chapter defines the individual and analyzes their behavior. You will immediately gain insight and label someone you know with one of the chapter titles. Some People Suck contains the perfect balance of explicit content and sarcasm, which will keep you on your toes. This book also stresses the importance of being able to differentiate between your genuine and fraudulent friends. This satire expresses the author's candid opinions with laugh-out-loud metaphors you will not see coming. Some People Suck possesses stimulating content, electrifying anecdotes and spectacular advice for any young adult. The beauty of this book is the simple fact that it's based on the truth. Enjoy this hilarious satire which explicitly breaks down the different types of negative people that are unfortunately all around us.

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