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Life Still Goes On

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Would you believe that several years ago my life was completely devastated to the point of giving up all hope? That is when Gods grace and mercy inspired me to turn the terrible catastrophe into an opportunity to write Life Still Goes On, an exciting, thrilling, incredible, fascinatingly extra-ordinary unbelievable story of my life.

A father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, my experiences as a former public school teacher; a former pastor in the United Methodist Church; a former missionary with the Sudan Interior Mission in Liberia, West Africa; and a former substitute teacher with the Roswell Independent School District will be included in this book.

I have to laugh sometimes, because my life has been like the rides at an amusement park: up and down and up and down and around and around as Life Still Goes On, by Curtis L. Hayes.

****** I purchased a coffee cup in the thrift store for 10 cents, and this is what it said, CURTIS A likeable fellow, Many favors hes done, Patience his virtue, The courteous one. -- John Piatt

I have never met Mr. Piatt, but he summarized my life up pretty good.

Like an eagle that soars high and swoops down low to catch an animal. My life seems to have been much like that!

Up and down, back and forth, round and round I would go! I loved the roller coaster the most!

At 81 years of age, I am still enjoying the rides.

God inspired and allowed me to write the remarkable autobiography Life Still Goes On, by Curtis L. Hayes.

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