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Kiss Me in the Kitchen: Ministering as a Priest at the Altar of the Kitchen

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Kisses and kitchens are more connected than most people can ever imagine. A kiss is an expression of love. It is an indication of intimacy, a show of affection. The kitchen is a place of cooking. It is a centre for the practical demonstration of a wifes love for her husband and a husbands love for his wife. Just as a kiss is ministered out of a heart of affection, so the ministry in the kitchen is rendered out of a heart of care and consideration.

Kiss Me in the Kitchen is a unique book. It deals with the following:
*The kitchen as an altar for the preservation of love and life
*The relationship of kissing and the priesthood of the kitchen-place
*How husbands and wives can kiss each other in the kitchen-place
*How parents can kiss their children and teach them to minister in the kitchen
*Kissing and the restoration of the biblical patterns of nutrition
*Releasing the rainbow colours of the kitchen
*Turning your spouse into a celebrity chef
*The ministry of the watchman and intercession in the kitchen
*How to kiss your spouse with love poems in the kitchen
*The health benefits of kissing in the kitchen
*Kissing for divine breakthrough in the kitchen

The passion to cook a lovely meal is as powerful as the preparation to give a passionate kiss. As kissing is indispensable to lovers, so is the kitchen indispensible to families.

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