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The Magic Nickel: A Fable About an Unhappy Salesman, a Sad Retired Person, and an Invisible Monster

34 pages16 minutes


John is an unhappy salesman who hates his job. Bill is a cranky, retired man whos always looking for ways to make more money. Allan and Mary Alice are two children saving up their coins to buy a bag of toys. A lonely, invisible monster hides under a picnic table at the local park.

What does this unlikely group have in common? All of their lives are about to be dramatically changed by a magic nickel.

After praying to God in desperation to show him the way to happiness, Johnjoined by his friend Billbegins to sell little bags of toys at a picnic table at the local public park. Business is slow that first day, and John and Bill leave with five dollars, a card with an important nugget of wisdom printed on it, and a remarkably warm nickel that John imagines could be magical. They also meet Allan and Mary Alice and attract the attention of the invisible monster under the table. But when Bill and John return to the park the following week, something amazing begins to happen.

Join John, Bill, Allan, Mary Alice, and the monster under the table as the magic of the nickel spreads in their hearts and teaches them the true meaning of happiness.

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