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Twenty-eight years ago, T. L. Newcomer began having thoughts that lingered and dominated his mind; he could think of nothing else until he began to write them down. Now he has collected these messages and is sharing them in this new volume in order to encourage others to use them to allow their minds the freedom to explore their thoughts. This, he hopes, will provide you with the opportunity to grow and expand your mind. Those thoughts may take you, as they have him, to places you have never been before and help you experience new emotions and feelings.

Thoughts offers a compendium of short contemplations on themes from everyday life. In it, Newcomer shares his thoughts, musings, and moments of growth and insight from his life, seeking to inspire deeper thought and understanding in others.

Christ will not deny you anything you need. You will have all the advantages of the first life along with all the emotions of the second life. You will have the better of two lives. In a life with Christ, there is much joy and happiness, and the sorrows are easier to bear. Without Christ, life will be over in a few years, but with Christ, there is the knowledge that after the second death, the third and best life begins, for each life is lived to prepare for the next life.

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