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Guardians: The Prophecy Fulfilled

350 pages7 hours


The first two verses of the prophecy have been fulfilled and the Guardians have brought balance to Taysia.

Arron, Reace, Keyla and Kittana have become the wall of sanity against the evil of Malic, and Taysia has become an island paradise in the black expanse of the universe, but there is one more verse to Deias prophecy.

Now, seventeen years later the fate of Taysia as well as the universe hangs in the balance as the power of four travel back to Earth, coming face to face with the consequences of their past decisions while searching for their lost son.

With the help of friends both old and new, the Guardians must again face the evil of Malic. As the most powerful of them is revealed; will they all fall victim to the Dark Guardians plans for revenge or will they be able to maintain the balance


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