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The Journey of the Holy Spirit

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The Journey of the Holy Spirit is based upon the activities and the appearance of God Almighty and Maker of the Universe. God manifested himself into the womb of a virgin girl named Mary, after one of Gods devoted angels made His announcement to her. She gave birth to a baby boy and they called him Jesus. He grew up in a town called Nazareth. He worked with His father Joseph as a carpenter. At the age of thirty, Jesus began His ministry as He taught the people to love and to forgive. He healed many sick and afflicted, He also performed a lot of divine deeds. Within three years the public opinion turned against Him. He was at the age of thirty-three when they made false accusations on Him about His ministry. The Jewish leaders after many attempts captured Him and convinced King Herod to have Him crucified. The King refused and turned Him over to them who then whipped and tortured Him mercifully. They passed judgment on Him and found Him guilty. He was crucified as He gave up His spirit on the cross but in three days after His crucifixion, He arose from the borrowed tomb and appeared unto His believers and told them death had no claim on Him. He said, I am alive! Go into the uttermost part of the world and testify, teach, preach and heal all who believe in Me

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