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God's Emergency Room: Why Does Life Hurt? so Much!

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GOD EMERGENCY ROOM is a series of work books that God has used me as a vessel to share my testimony with all of you of all ages the journey He took me on to bring me to His LOVE.

After a lifetime of rebellion and confusion to the truths of what this life is all about and what we are meant for in this life. I was forced through bad choices, lack of wisdom, fear, pain, anxiety and debilitating panic to find the answer.

GODS EMERGENCY ROOM is not a self-help book nor is it a story about one persons life. Why? Because you and I are not unique in this rebellion and confusion and if you have come far enough as to be reading this at this moment, you have come far enough in your own journey to realize, that you are not capable of helping yourself ALONE.

LIFE is full of mountains and obstacles that can be a challenge to all of us and we do not have the answers, but God does! He is here ready willing and able to handle any mountain or obstacle that you will encounter as he says in His word, He is the great physician! Gods desire is to care for you and give you His grace of direction for your life no matter what you have done or where you are.

His prescription for all of us is: Let him show you what your life is about and how it can truly be, but most of all how it does not have to be.

Why Does This Life Hurt? So Much! Is only the first visit to GODS EMERGENCY ROOM and you may go kicking and biting but if you are reading this God is already offering you the grace for Him to be your physician.

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