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What if Heaven and Earth werent so far apart? What if your next-door neighbour was an angel? Kingdom presents the gospel narrative with a new twist. Discover Adam, Eve, Paul, and many other biblical characters as they interact with Jesus on his way to the cross.

King Jehovah, the king of Heaven, rules the land with a loving heart and just judgment. One day, he decides to ask his people to venture over to the land known as Earth where the people are enduring plenty of modern-day issues. When they get there, they find that a factory owner, Joe Bedinger, has just watched his business go up in flames; Eve is unemployed and desperately searching for somewhere to work; and Adam is stuck in his dead-end grocery store job, cleaning up after other peoples messes and stocking shelves. Jehovah comes up with a plan to heal the land of earth and give these people additional resources and citizenship of his kingdom of heaven, but its not all that easy as he finds his own subjects oppose his plan. Jehovah sends his son as an ambassador to the people. Is that enough for the people of Earth and Heaven to live in peace? Or is there a war on the horizon?

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