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Just Imagine!: The Resurrection & Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

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Just imagineyou are there two thousand years ago! How would you feel and what would you do? Bridge the gap of time likening us today to His life experiences, bringing Jesus into today as our world also explodes with brutalities worse than in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Revisit His trials and convictions: The Fourteen Stations of the Cross; the people He met on the way to Golgotha; The miraculous Resurrection. Delight in the loving experiences Lord Jesus surprised those He visited within His holy resurrected appearances. It is the author/artists intent that by bringing our Savior, Jesus Christ into today, through this in-depth pictorial history, it will provide a wake-up call for us to realize the great unfathomable love of God and changebefore its too late!

Levels and levels of thoughts and visions became the most powerful and joyful times spent producing these drawings and writings. I even added to biblical text, I had to, because I found a new relationship with Jesus so wonderful, I needed to expound on that and I saw that I was blessed to bring a new portrait of the Prince of Peace, the kind, understanding, loving man, Himself. This is not a story only for the Lenten season, but a story for all time!

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