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Journey Toward Eternal Life—Alaska Style!: Among the Hair, Hide, Guts, and Feathers

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For Erwin Hertz, there are two outstanding four-letter words that direct each and every day of his existence. The first word is lifea word that helps him remember to be thankful for every single day that the sun comes up and for every single day he gets up. The second word is amen, a beautiful four-letter word that he says frequently throughout each day of his life.

Saying yes to life and amenand everything in betweenis the essence of Hertzs memoir, Journey toward Eternal LifeAlaska Style. Miracles can happen to ordinary people, even those who feel they are undeserving of Gods love and grace. His are not your typical Christian stories, nor is he a stereotypical Christian. Erwin Hertz Sr. knows hes alive today because his guardian angel worked overtime. He recalls a primitive farm life in Montana, his time in the US Navy, and then his move north to Alaska, describing the adventurous and amazing journey of one man who fully receives and acts on what God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit freely provide.

He is an electrician by trade, strong physically and spiritually, yet a humble prayer warriora Christian solder with rusty armor. His life story is authentic; his relationship with God is real.

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