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No Cry for Help

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In 1942, Ronald started his climb up the Cowboy Chain of Command as a very young man on his grandfather's ranch in West Texas as a "Gate Opener", because all the "big cowboys" had been sent off to war.
Since that time, Ronald has cowboyed his way on ranches all throughout West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado, taking time out for schooling and a term in the United States Marine Corp. during the Korean War.
Since 1963, Ronald has been active in selling and appraising ranches throughout the southwest ranching community.
At this time, Ronald and his family, own and operate a 15,000 acre ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico.
For more information on the writer of "No Cry For Help" go to his web page
No Cry For Help is this cowboy's first attempt at writing a short story about owning a West Texas cattle ranch.

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