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Recipes and Memories from Mama's Table

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Linda Farris, her husband Garlin and their son Jeff moved to the beautiful little city of Fairhope, Alabama, after Garlin's retirement in 2010. There she has found time to pursue her hobbies of painting, photography, and writing. These things were part of Linda's list of things to do, some day, when there was enough time. Raising two daughters and taking care of a son with special needs, while living in five different states, have made life interesting. Add two sons-in-law, six wonderful grandchildren, a new grandson-in-law and her first great-grandchild due in March, and life is good.
The Hendrix family reunion is an important part of Linda's life. Because of it this cookbook was started. The original descendants of Law Donald and Lennie Mae Hendrix, five boys and five girls, decided at their mother's funeral to keep the family connected by having a reunion every summer. The year was 1969. Since then attendance has grown to over 100 and the family has had some wonderful times together and grown closer over the years.
Friends and family from all over the South have shared stories and recipes from their Mama's tables and Linda has added stories and memories of her Mama and Papa Hendrix and her Granny and Grandad Tucker. If you enjoy this collection of nostalgia and good food, and would like to honor someone special with a story or a recipe, contact Linda at ( Perhaps we can make another visit to "Mama's Table".

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