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The Gift

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Billionaire Edgar Wilkes and his beautiful wife, Madge, live a charmed life. Edgar is a neurosurgeon, while Madge is a financial writer and talented television personality. They have every luxury money can buy mansions, a private jet, fancy cars, and numerous other material things that come with great wealth. Whats more, they are both Christians.

Even so, there is one thing Edgar and Madge dont haveindeed, cant haveand that is a child. No matter how hard they try or what science they use, a baby is one dream they never achieve.

The same cannot be said for a destitute runaway named Marlene, who lives in the ghetto and struggles to take care of her newborn child.

One day, Madge gets lost and finds young Marlene on the porch of an abandoned house in a horrible part of town. Madge initially stops to ask for directions, but her simple question becomes so much more as the women form a miraculous bond that only God could orchestrate. Through a lesson on the true grace of God, Madge must discover there are some gifts that money cant buy.

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