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New Wine Poems and Rhymes: Heaven’S Bliss for All Ages

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"New Wine Poems and Rhymes; Heavens Bliss for All Agesis a collection ... joyful manner.

WhyNew Wine?Wine, a symbol of joy and celebration, introduces the atmosphere of the New Covenant when Jesus turned water into wine for wedding guests in Cana of Galilee! The same covenant is ratified at the Passover celebration, a.k.a. the Last Supper. With a cup of wine Jesus said, This is the new covenant written in my blood, blood poured out for you. (Luke 22:20 MSG) The New Covenant is a joyful feast!

New Wine must be put into new wineskins.(Mark 2:22) Embrace your new wine skin; taste and savor the free flowing new wine of his joy and drink of His love!

And ... don't be surprised by its intoxicating influence on your heart!

Bliss is defined, according to The Free Dictionary by Farlax as: 1. Extreme happiness; ecstasy; 2. The ecstasy of salvation; spiritual joy

Wherever you find yourself on your journey of life, may your heart awaken more fully to the one reality- your union in Christ and the love Father God has for you. EnjoyNew Wine Poems and Rhymes; Heaven's Bliss for All Ages."

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