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The Princess and the Pinkie Nail: Book One in the Grottenville Series

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Queen Holandasia is extremely concerned about the poverty, gloominess, and oh so very dreary state of her kingdom, the so-called royal kingdom of Grottenville. All that is required is a marriage between her son, Prince William, and Princess Petunia of Petulasia, a wealthy kingdom with great tourist trade, rolling hills, and sunshine. But the prince is just not interested at all.

One dark and stormy night, a mysterious girl turns up at the Grottenville palace doors. The very unimpressed royal butler, Snootenville, opens the palace doors to this bedraggled-looking stranger. Convinced the girl is a mere peasant taking a fat chance, he drags her to the royal kitchen.

But finally, the girl is presented to the queen, where she announces that she is, in fact, Princess Clarabella of Muchmoridian, an even richer and more splendid kingdom than Petulasia. The queen does a quick calculation in her head and sums up the advantages of Prince William marrying this mysterious girl. Oh, how nice it would be to have new drapes, new ball gowns, a new fluffy white poodle, and satellite TV! But the queen is also afraid of being the laughingstock of all of Grottenville. Queen Holandasia proceeds to put Princess Clarabella through the most gruelling and absolutely ridiculous test of all time, the Ultimate Princess Authenticity Test, to prove the girls royal identity.

Lots of lies and deceit, laughter and giggles, sighs and slurps fill the pages of The Princess and the Pinkie Nail. Have fun with the delightful, quirky, and sometimes absolutely awful Grottenville royalty, servants, and, of course, mysterious guest. And like all good stories, learn a moral or two and even some handy hints! A great entertaining read for young and old alike. Enjoy!

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