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Côte D’Ivoire: Caught in Cross Fire, & Africa in Dire Straits

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Cte dIvoire, Caught in Cross Fire, and Africa, in Dire Straits

This book is a thorough analysis of the postelectoral crisis in Cte dIvoire in 2011 that led to an unprecedented and horrid manslaughter, with the bombing of the countrys infrastructures by French and UN troops who were sent to monitor the election. The helpers ended up destroying our country.

Readers will discover the following:

The international conspiracy that was planned by the West against Cte dIvoire, against President Laurent Gbagbo, incumbent, and Africa in general, rather than an election as many still think.

It is the war over our oil and resources.

This was nothing but the recolonization of Africa, with Cte dIvoire as a base of experimentation.

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