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The Gossamer Nature of Random Things: A First Collection of Poems

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The Gossamer Nature of Random Things presents a collection of introspective poems composed over a twenty-eight year period by writer and poet Howard Brown. These poems are based on the random observations and internal reflections of the author on a wide range of topics: from encounters with interesting people, to special places he has visited, to the unique nature of the moon and its cycles.

His poems reflect upon everyday joys and sorrows whether chronicling an enjoyable afternoon at his daughters house listening to his grandchildren at play in Alicias Backyard, or musing in Ghost over the futility of trying to hold on to the past. The Gossamer Nature of Random Things provides an intimate look into the life and emotions of one mana sort of personal journal in verse form.


Sheltered by a neon sky, the mountain, a collage of red, green and gold, the magic of the landscape enhanced by its own inherent transience.

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