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The Legacy of My Mother’S Love

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Within this book is a collection of my mothers poems written for her lost loves, her love of her country, living in a new country, her love for her children, her grandchildren, great grandchildren and all who came into her world. Before she died, she gave me some of her poetry, written in books but mostly scribbled on scraps of paper, old envelopes and clothing labels. She wrote the words as they occurred on whatever she could quickly find so as not to forget the words and inspiration. This book is a journey of the heart, captured in poetry. It is real life in words, touching the deep recesses of the heart. It helps to bridge our humanity and spirituality within an encompassing message of love.

My mother was born in Scotland on 17th March, 1925 and passed away in Tasmania on 19th July, 2004. I miss her every day, I miss her support, her wit and humour, her knowledge and wisdom, but most of all her unconditional love. Sometimes when my daughters and I are gathered together, we will smell the unmistakable smell of April Violets, which was my mothers favourite perfume. We know instantly that Mum has come to join in the family time together with us. Sometimes there will be a message given and sometimes she comes to share the love. I look forward to spending time with her embodied once more in another life and time.

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