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True Life Stories and Mysterious Interventions: Angels, Clairvoyance, War, Heaven, and Miracles

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As Christians, how do we invite people to learn about Jesus? We can tell them about our beautiful Church and its special programsor, even more effectively, we can share inspiring life stories. These stories are the mysterious, spiritual, personal narratives that are the building blocks of our faith, and author Harold Poole presents his personal recollections in this collection as lessons of faith in the gospel of Christ.

Too often the events in their lives which nourish the faith of our faithful senior citizens are lost to us. Harold Gene Poole has spared us that loss in the pages he has written detailing many of the events in his life which have been instrumental in forming and growing the faith of this unique Christian man. The Rev. Dr. Arthur L. Bennett III, Canon Theologian for the Diocese of West Virginia

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