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Glamorous 5: In the City of Garden Valley

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Glamorous 5 in the City of Garden Valley is a charming tale of Paradise a twelve year old girl who is mesmerized by glamour and the allure of beauty. The story takes readers on a fun-filled journey through the buoyancy of a childs eyes in regard to a day of enjoyment experienced in Garden Valley Estates. Paradise demonstrates how the children of the Garden Valley Estates (an inner city development) enjoy one another, having fun, and ultimately take pleasure in their environment and life overall.
Paradises adoration of her older siblings is both endearing and delightful. Paradises strong sense of family values as well as the merit she places in her sisters opinions proves her wisdom and maturity. The story conveys the optimism and the enthusiasm of a childs expectations of amusement as well as the outcome of a well anticipated family event. Paradise proves that through sheer determination and a strong desire anyone can achieve youthful happiness and fulfillment.

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