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Get over It!: Getting Past Your Past, Moving on to Your Future

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This book can help you learn how to release that bondage. How to forget about it-- how to let it go and move on! It addresses how often we allow our past quest for the approval of other make us feel that we never quite " measure up" to societies or others idea of normal or successful. . Frequently, incorrect thinking lead to insecurities, regrets or an inferiority complex. The fear of not measure up or succeeding. Learn how to address the obstacle of dealing with personal issue past, present to insure you future. By practical palliation and constructive think, in submission to the word of God, you too can achieve the capacity to succeed in life.

Get Over It! is stimulating, soul searching and exonerating; moreover,
it speaks to the heart of insecurities, regrets and inferiority. This book
provoked me to think about my personal uncertainties. This is a great
book I recommend reading!
Anna Woods, MA in Education; BA in Social Work

I found this book to be thought-provoking and inspiring. I've read
Elijahs account many times, yet never thought of his "running" as
insecurities, regrets and inferiority. Fear and doubt are a terrible
twosome causing us to take our eyes off God and forgetting His mighty
works in our lives.
Evangelist Darlene Laney, Author, MA Counseling

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