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You & Your Child in a Changing World: A Practical Guide to Practical Parenting for Safeguarding the Next Generation

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Tick, tick says the clock;
The clock ticks in seconds, in minutes, hours, then onto days and weeks; from weeks to months and then to years; years pass onto centuries; then to millennia. The journey of man, in the same vein, begins from the fetus; then grows to childhood, a young adult and to a full grown individual. Change transcends from conception to the birth; sometimes it is born daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly but surely it {change} goes on and on.
The world changes from the smallest community, continuously like the hand of the clock, sometimes in ways that are unpredictable as to stop the frequency of such a change. The birth and growth of a next generation is paramount and independent of the changes that go on. Therefore, even if the formula for successfully grooming a 3G child in a 3G world may differ, the Principles for breeding a successful and constructive generation should be same regardless of the altitude and magnitude of change - even the methods of application may vary.
Serena K. Benson Erondu

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