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You Would Have to Walk in My Shoes

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The story of a woman born at the beginning of the Second World War, Matilda. Her father dies on her second birthday. After this, her childhood was a happy one, marred only by the frequent fights between her two elder brothers, this leaving her terrified of violence. Yet she married a man not only violent, a Jekyll and Hyde, paranoid character and serial womanizer. In her late twenties, Matilda was introduced to spiritualism by a friend. This became her salvation, the one thing that kept her sane. After seventeen years of abuse, Matilda filed for divorce and met the love of her life, a man as spiritual as she. One year on, he committed suicide. A trail of events forced her back into the old relationship. Every time she tries to escape, circumstances send her back. Matilda now believes it is her destiny to be with him and accepts.

Read this book for insight on how he perpetually terrorized her and how her spiritual beliefs and love for her family kept her together and the knowing that she will one day be reunited with her soul mate.

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