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101 Poems for Children

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This book is a compilation of poems aimed at children and young teens. It covers a wide range of genres from under 10s to kennings, riddles, and limericks, and its aim is to encourage reading and to share everyday experiences in a way that is easy to understand.

Many of these poems are inspired by my memories from actual situations, and others are made up. I find that writing poetry is a way of capturing certain ideas, hopes, and dreams and a way to entertain others. I hope that by reading this you will understand these and enjoy imagining different scenarios even in your own life.

This is a unique compilation of poems as they can be read not only by children but are suitable for the whole family. Some of which are humorous, and others have a more thoughtful tone to highlight subjects that can generate discussion and overall project different perspectives on life.
I hope you will enjoy reading these and share them with others as I have shared them with you.

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