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Until Life Says No to Me: Collected Poems

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Margaret Hitchcock, like all good poets, asks you questions you didnt know you wanted to ask: Can flour, or flowers, be a life raft? What does a house cleaner do when she finds love left lying in the house she is working in? Is anything better than butter? What kind of cage do words make? Was Cinderella really happy ever after? What comes first in the morning, the challenge of beauty or something else? Should the Princes of Poppycock be addressed as Her Peachiness?

The reader will find intriguing questions and surprising answers in these collected poems, a feast to be savored slowly, flavored with wit and unassuming wisdom and always with grace and humor.

A woman of many talents, Margaret Hitchcock Young created and ran a health food store on Nantucket Island, a place she made her home and springboard to the world. In her life (1931-2009) she was a mother, a baker, an actor, a traveler, and a food writer. She was also an avid Scrabble player and crossword solver, loved language and the beauty of words. When her worldly work was done, she devoted herself to the call of the poetry she had felt all her life. This book contains all the poems she left.

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