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Zaragua is the first book of a ten-novel saga which takes place over the course of the one thousand years and involves protagonists that are born, live and die without ever ceasing to be immortal. In 1942 Juan and Manuel come to the New World with Christopher Columbus but immediately leave the conquistadors to find love in the Caribbean and dedicate their lives to saving the civilizations on the extraordinary continent that offers them the passion Europe was never able to. The second part of this historical novel recounts the epic story of Juan and Hernn, two brothers who come to the Yucatan Peninsula in search of their destinies but who set off in very different directions. The elder, together with his native wife, tries to stop the catechization and annihilation of the Indians, while the younger only seeks power and fame. Through the narration their passion, ambition, filial love and psychological conflicts become evident, as do the differences in the protagonists personalities and emotions. The main character is immortal who is born in every life in a different body retaining their cognitive ability. His destiny is to find his companion that was created with him at the beginning of time and also to help the dispossessed. Zaragu developed in America during the first period of the colonization. The characters live and dream in a different world, where nothing is as it was in Europe, trying to create a society where their offspring will not face every day war, domination and abuse. But love, poetry and fantasy are those who succeed and give character to the characters. The protagonist is the older brother of Hernn Corts, who is separated at an early age. While the youngest try to conquer an empire, the oldest tries to protect the natives and carry the "New World" to a different course. In this novel we relive the history of a brutal century, bright and wild, where passions overflow when hitting two civilizations with different moral precepts, dissimilar technology, superficially antagonistic religions and customs. In each chapter there is a new adventure, a new dilemma, a new anguish and new hope. In covering the story we realize that genius is dormant in every culture, needing a little encouragement to be awakened. We learn that what is ethical for one is immoral to another. We realize that in our distant past we were all wild, idolaters, cannibals, idealistic, martyrs and executioners.

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