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A Nod’S as Good as a Wink …: A Shallow Lad’S Tale

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It's the early, swinging 70s in London, and Ollie is riding the wave. There's a day-job and rent to pay but that never gets in the way of the pubs and the women.

What does get in the way is the ever present black dog of depression: a depression that clouds his daily life with feelings of guilt, more or less about everything. And if that wasn't bad enough, add a stalker to the mix, no doubt the result of something else he's guilty of, and Ollie knows he's in real trouble.

So he needs to get his head right, but it's not until his shrink, Kline, hypnotizes him that Ollie remembers dark events in his early years and he is able to confront his demons, inside and out.

'A Nod's As Good As A Wink ...' is Ollie's tale of discovery, full of pain and humor, as he goes from relationship to relationship looking for his place in the sun.

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