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A Collection of God's Word and Motivation: Words of Encouragement

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A Collection of Gods Word and Motivation is a book about encouragement and practical situations that people can relate to. It is not just any ordinary book, but an antidote for curing worries, depression, stress, and struggles.

Gods word is powerful and encouraging. It was written to help others who need encouragement. We cant go through life without encouragement, and we definitely cant go through life without self-encouragement. There are times when we dont have the energy to complete our daily tasks, so we look for some type of humor from our friends, family, or even co-workers. We choose to be happy or sad, mad or neutral. A dose of encouraging words can help release that ticking bomb thats in your head, ready to explode. Tension and stress arent healthy. Thats why God said to give all of our worries, troubles, and burdens to Him. Let the nourishment of His encouraging words shine upon your heart.

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