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Consuming Fire: A Shape Shifters Journey

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Consuming Fire
A Shape Shifters Journey
The art of shape shifting happens with each breath we take. Throughout our lives each time we move our intent and make a choice, we are plucking the threads of change. The deeper we go within ourselves, the more profound these changes and places of transformation become. In Consuming Fire A Shape Shifters Journey, I offer you a glimpse of possibilities and how the moments we are in reflects off the greater tapestry called our lives. We shape shift from infant to child, to teenager to adult, and then into old age; so it is with different forms we take. The purity of our heart and intent define what forms and elements we are drawn to. Our animal connections have much to teach us about their ways, as well as who we are. When we reach into the depths of the balances within us knowing what we are capable of, so might we open to the profound place of our energy being with respect, humbleness, and sacredness. Grandfather, Ya Tae, Grandmother, Cooper, Jed, Ray, and many others show us that sometimes our hearts must break, our worlds must turn upside down, and our beliefs must shatter before we can emerge from our cocoons. As we learn how to fly we also learn how to heal ourselves and embrace the reasons we are here in both individual and collective realities. Life is not what is done to us, but what we choose to become in the forms we take.

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