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Over 65 and Still in Demand: But Isn’T It Time for Retirement?

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From early in life many of us begin to dream about how we will spend our retirement years. Travelling, turning an avocation into a vocation, and spending more time with the family whilst remaining healthy and purposefully engaged are among popular retirement goals. For many, however, they remain dreams, since as many as 70 percent of baby boomers may not retire on time.

In Over 65 and Still in Demand, author Kris Moller looks at the various facets of retirement. Mollers work is guided by the broader concepts of retirement: why one retires; why one would want to retire; what one does in retirement; and why some people find an easy rhythm into retirement, while for others it is an ongoing nightmare. He also reflects on what worries someone nearing retirement age and how the economy, inflation and health matters will erode your nest egg.

For those who are able to retire, Moller provides a roadmap of the eight areas to address for a purposeful retirement and six steps to follow to arrive at what to do with your day. And for those who do notor cannotretire on time, he explores ways to remain relevant in the job market.

This guide combines the hindsight of experience and age with knowledge and research to help you prepare for the retirement you deserve.

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