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Genesis Protocol: Dawn of a New Era

316 pages7 hours


This book is for Adult Readers. Its a Science Fiction Thriller. Its a story about cloning. The main character is Mr. Sandman and he has a propensity for being very evil. He was cloned from an old gunfighter, and he seems to continue that trait.

Theres one thing he doesnt understandhis terrible and fantastic night-terrors. Raised by the military, and a bad childhood, he soon learns well in defending himself; and has the eyes of an eagle when shooting guns. After his 18th birthday, they let him go on his own. He strives to keep himself alive. One day, he meets a young lady, and for the first time in his life, he feels love, and feels love back.

One night, he seeks out a man to find what hes all about. Little does he knowthis man is going to change his life for the better.

Could something like this really happen? Or could it be happening now?

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