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Adam's Dream: Is Everything We Think, Believe, and Perceive Real—Or Is It All Imaginary?

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According to the Holy Scriptures, in the beginning, Adam felt very alone and deeply longed to have a partner like him. God therefore caused him to fall into a deep sleep, took one of his ribs, and fashioned woman from it. Notably, there is no mention in the Holy Bible that he later awoke. In Adams Dream, author Joseph Romanella presents a strong and very compelling argument that Adam, as the universal man (or mind), is still sound asleep and has progressed to dream of humankind as his direct off spring.

He believes that with this new revolutionary knowledge gained through Divine Grace, the self-centered mentalities of human beings along with their narrow points of view concerning life and the outside world will also have to undergo corresponding changes. In fact, by comprehending that we are currently living inside of a very realistic fantasy as imaginary personal figures, we are immediately placed in the proper perspective to significantly change the way that we think, feel, perceive, will and behave. As a result, with this Holy Knowledge we are in a position to attract many good things into our earthly lives, not only to prosper us spiritually, but also in every other way.

Moreover, with this new light a clearer awareness and a deeper acceptance of Gods Intimate Love for each one of us, automatically arises. And, contrary to popular religious beliefs, we also come to the realization that by faith all of our sins, past, present and future have already been forgiven and we have been empowered to enter into the Glorious Freedom, Rest, Life, Joy, Wisdom, Righteousness and Eternal Embrace of our Heavenly Father, without the need for any good works or sacrifices on our part.

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