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Swami Deekshanand Saraswati:: My Swami Mama Ji

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You personify your name. Rahul (On # 25)
I had goose bumps as I read your email. You must be so proud of your Mama Ji. Shobha (On # 28)

You have reduced religion to the dynamics of market forces. What a wonderful idea! Religion is the invention of man and spirituality is a science of connecting with GOD. Shadi Ram (On # 32)

This is a good 'reflection.' You have provided a historical dimension as also the need for unification of the divergent Hindu stratifications. Moorty (On # 33)

Looks like I am getting regular lessons from my Teacher. I am blessed, Jadav (On # 35)

Wow!! What a scientific way to depict the age-old Aryan culture. Gouranga Saha (On # 36)

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