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Love, Finally

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Cash Collins has a life most guys would envy: a successful career, money in the bank, and a high-rise apartment with a glamorous view of New York City. His good looks, quick wit, and smooth tongue attract women like bees to honeyuntil a one-night stand prompts him to reevaluate everything and realize how empty his life is.

With the goal of finding a woman to love, Cash vows to change his ways. Just as he bids a final farewell to his playboy lifestyle, Cash encounters Marie Daniels, a stunning brunette from Texaswho also happens to be married. But despite his promise to himself and her commitment to her husband, Cash and Marie are immediately drawn to each other. As both of them fight their feelings and attempt to move on with their lives, neither has any idea that Cash is about to receive devastating news that will change everything.

In this moving tale of romance and hope, the possibility of love hangs in the air as two lost souls grasp for answers in a desperate race against time.

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