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Grineria: End of the Old; Birth of the New

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Nigeria will be great again . . . For the set time to favor her has come!
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By the year 2019 (seven years from now,) God has promised the following:
Curb corruption by changing the leadership landscape in Nigeria. Control poverty by transforming Nigeria into one of the truly rich nations of the world. Check terrorism by chasing the Babylonians, for our sakes.
But before we can key into these promises or get to the Promised Land, we must follow Gods new blueprint for Nigeria.
This blueprint was revealed by divine inspiration to Gbenga Richmond, an everyday youth who was looking forward to escaping to London in the year 2010 when the LORD arrested him.
His story bears some semblance with that of biblical Jonah, Joseph, Gideon, and David. In this riveting narrative, he shares his frustrations, divine encounter, and the new blueprint for Nigeria.

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