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Jesus' Ministry: God's Mystery Secret for Life

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This book is action-packed with fresh revelation from heaven. Who am I to receive such precious insight on the kingdom of God? Writing this book really revealed to me of how much God loves us through these hidden truths.

One of the most important part of our Christian walk is finding out our purpose for life. This will only come through Jesus ministering to us. This is exactly what happened to me as I wrote this book. I thought that I would one day pastor a church, but as I was writing this book, Jesus revealed to me that this is my purpose for life. While writing, I realized that everything was coming to me so effortlessly and I was enjoying it so much that He just confirmed what I was thinking. This is exactly what will happen for you. We have to learn to rest in Jesus, and He will flow through us to bless others. This is what I call the Jesus Ministry. As we yield to Jesus, He will reveal our purpose for life that He will use to bless other people. This will bring great fulfillment to your life, as well as allowing Jesus to minister to others through you.

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