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Recipes for Self-Healing

224 pages3 hours


Do you have problems with your health? Are you perfectly fit and healthy and want to stay that way? Have you ever felt helpless in your fight to regain health?

Either way, this book can put you onto the path of self-healing. It explains the concepts simply and guides each individual to adapt the knowledge to his or her own particular situation.

This book contains healing techniques that are easy to follow and can let you help yourself back to good health, or help you to maintain the perfect health you may already have.

This book has something for everyone.

Each of us has the responsibility for our own health. We have to find a way or the means to know what to do to take charge of our own destiny. Elke teaches this and has explained it very well.
- Charles Angles

For the whole to be healthy, each part must be healthy; mind, body, soul, and spirit must be healed and in balance. Elke teaches this holistic concept.
- Rev. Dr. Josephine A. Drew

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