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Trey Jackson Jr. is a successful trial attorney. He lives a charmed life as a Yale graduate, married to the girl of his dreams with a son on the way.

After he provides reluctant legal help to a gang member, however, fate brings him to the attention of Jimmy. Jimmy is not a man to trifle with. He is the leader of a violent biker gang located outside of Asheville, North Carolina, known as the Dreadnaughts. The Dreadnaughts are in need of legal counsel, and Trey is their manwhether he likes it or not.

Soon, Trey is surrounded on all sides by danger and possible death. The deeper he goes into Dreadnaught territory, the more events spiral out of control, his dream life unraveling as he tries to extricate himself from serving the gang. Trapped, Trey is desperate to escape, but how will he bring Jimmy down without inciting the wrath of the entire motorcycle gang? Worse yet, there seems to be something else lurking behind the gangs activitysomething powerful and possibly supernatural.

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