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Testimony of the Man

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What would Jesus do?

This slogan has been circulating for years, on T-shirts, hats, bracelets, car tags, etc. The question has been repeatedly asked, but the answer remains anonymous until now. From the time he appeared at the Passover festival as a twelve-year-old preaching to elders at a local church until his ministry actually began in his thirties, Jesus is flanked by his disciples as his existence is modernized and molded into the twenty-first-century lifestyle. Religion, devils, mindsets, and power-hungry leaders set the stage as Jesus overcomes every challenge on his way to fulfilling his destiny. While Jesus and his disciples travel all around, plans are being made to silence his voice forever; but it was not realized that Jesus had full control, making the bravest of all choices known to man. As the story is narrated in today's time, it will open up an awareness of what he stood for, his goals, and his willingness to please his father as Lou wreaks havoc in unsuspecting minds within the sphere of his control.

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