Unlocking “The Favor of God” Upon Your Life: N/A

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Unlocking “The Favor of God” Upon Your Life: N/A

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I have presented a sound Scriptural foundation and teaching, in regards to how you will truly and spiritually obtain The Favor of God upon your life. Therefore, the sole purpose of this book is as follows: (1) to properly examine Scripture; (2) to correctly interpret the misunderstood and misused principle of what the general Christian community refers to as The Favor of God; and (3) address the issue of how false teaching regarding this subject matter may unfortunately mislead fellow Christians or other religious individuals down the wrong path of righteous living and disobedience unto God.

As an Oneness Christian Teacher, Theologian, and Apologist, I would like to mention the fundamental Biblical principle of which this book is based upon, as well as the position advocated in this bookcomplete obedience and observance to The Word of God! In other words, the fundamental Biblical principle can be found in the following Scriptures: Deuteronomy 6:46, 12:732, & 28:114; II Chronicles 7:14; Psalms 19:711; II Timothy 3:16.

Finally, I would like to state that this book clearly and objectively explains all that there is to know, in regards to properly obtaining Biblical prosperity in your life! My friend, I am quite certain that you will find this book of great interest, encouraging, informative, and very pleasant to read. But most of all, you will find that it is based upon sound doctrine!

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