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Nirvana in the Garden of Eden: The Quantum Leap and Evolution of 2012

306 pages5 hours


Follow one womans journey from skepticism, misfortune and near death, to a state of Nirvana. Accompany her on a quest for truth and knowledge and discover what life is really about as you are brought out of the darkness and into the light of a new world. Be prepared to be challenged as you embark on the wildest ride in human history. We are now at a point where technology begins to merge with human development and creates a more sophisticated species.

Along this journey, author D. Crawford, begins to understand that 2012 is only the beginning, as we are propelled forward in a rapid rate of evolution and scientific discoveries. This is where the mind and spirit will finally merge as one. We can now understand how we are demi-gods, and that we are the Universe, incarnate. Humans are intelligence, experiences and infinite information encased within physical form. We are perpetual motion and beings of light waves in a state of a solid.

Step back and explore the big picture as a wondrous puzzle and Divine Plan become clear as we interlock the pieces of spirituality, neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics. After all, this is not just any story of Truth and enlightenment; it is your story as well.

The book contains personal experiences and topics including: Karma, evolution, the String Theory, rising above ego to higher frequencies, and using the infinite power of the human brain.

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